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The illusion of separateness is a finite declaration in the sand.
-- Julianne Lepp

UU Chalice by Laurie Bieze, UU Congregation, Eau Claire, WI


Julianne Lepp - a journey of ministry

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Community Outreach

Working at the Emmaus House Poverty Rights Office and at Crossroads Community Ministries in seminary has called me into a different kind of relationship to community outreach. So often in outreach ministry we are ready to minister “to”, but are not prepared for our own transformation. Working with marginalized populations is transformational, soul-changing work. At the Poverty Rights Office and Crossroads, it was a daily struggle to fight for people's rights and move beyond grief and overwhelming odds - advocating and servicing not only pure need, but broken spirits.

The amazing impact that the Emmaus House and Crossroads has within its community has inspired me to see the how a congregation can minister to many populations. Ministry is not restricted to church walls. I believe that a congregation needs to be in community with the community it serves. There are people and communities that simply do not know that we exist, those that need us as much as we need them. Engaged spirituality and living out the values of Unitarian Universalism are vital values that I bring to ministry.