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The illusion of separateness is a finite declaration in the sand.
-- Julianne Lepp

UU Chalice by Laurie Bieze, UU Congregation, Eau Claire, WI


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Glass to Sand

by Julianne Lepp

Upon observing a family at Jacksonville Beach 1997

The collection of looks sacrifices us like butterflies pinned to a
prize winning science project

We are beautiful if contained.
We are lovely with clipped wings.

Holding hands in a sun drowsy walk
Our hair is loose and wet from our swim
Their looks scatter as if they can't bear our intimacy
nor honor the family we have made

Our daughter calls us from the tide pool
She has found a bright shiny shell and marvels as it glints
in the morning light

She burns away their magnifying glasses
and scatters the significance of a narrow world
Her running feet mark the sand and
set it free behind her.