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The illusion of separateness is a finite declaration in the sand.
-- Julianne Lepp

UU Chalice by Laurie Bieze, UU Congregation, Eau Claire, WI


Julianne Lepp - a journey of ministry

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This I Believe

I believe that when you stop changing, you are susceptible to death. The world is constantly unfolding around us and in us. Life is the ultimate participation.

I believe in the wisdom of children's voices. My sons, Kiernan and Ehren, have spoken words that have knocked me down off my high horse and picked me up from pain.

I believe that trees can speak and that the mountains hold memories and stories we can never understand. I have found many more answers lying in the grass than I have striding down crowded concrete.

I believe there is no distinction in what is sacred. All is sacred.

I believe that being alone is a state of mind, that we are connected in so many ways. It is a matter of reaching out and even reaching within.

I believe in the immanent presence of the divine, but not in its authority. We have free will and must exercise it.

I believe that the future is unfolding and that there is no fixed fate or path. Seasons and the cycles of life point to the impermanence and flux of existence change is the constant principle.

I believe there is grace in the universe, but we are ultimately responsible for our actions and their impact. Actions not only speak louder than words, they have repercussions. Because...

I believe that the energy we put out into the universe often returns to us in unexpected ways.

I believe that I will find my way when I have an open heart and trust the process. Even if that means just putting one foot in front of the other.

I believe that patience is one of the hardest lessons to learn. I wish I could hurry up and learn it!

I believe in hitting the potholes to see how strong you are.

I believe there is almost nothing quite as wonderful as shared love. Love is exponential, just like the bottomless tub of popcorn at the Friday night cinema theater.

I believe my mother was at my wedding - in the wind. She said she would be there and she was.

I believe that the concoction of sin and salvation is an unbearable carrot and stick theology.

I believe that if there is such a thing as salvation it happens in the transformation of human relationship.

I believe in the power of human ingenuity to overcome. The human spirit is limitless in creativity and persistence. We can be pretty darn stubborn.

I believe in conflict transformation, not necessarily conflict resolution. A conflict does not always resolve, but it transforms those in relationship with it.

I believe that no one religion or philosophy has a monopoly on the truth. There is no capital T truth.

I believe in the healing power of touch and right intention. ICU babies flourish with it and so do we.

I believe that creativity is the ultimate expression of the divine spark.

I believe that there is a multitude of life in the universe.

I believe if we do not see ourselves as a part of the whole we are in danger of not seeing the trees for the forest.

I believe in the little girl that wore her father's clerical collar on career day in first grade.

I believe in the power of words to change hearts and minds.

I believe that some people will not choose to change.

I believe in jumping in puddles.

I believe that there will always be war, but peace can be found anywhere.

I believe in miracles, and most of those are achieved by amazing human beings.

I believe our best hopes lie in one another.

I believe in engaged spirituality.

I believe there is freedom in commitment.

I believe that you have to dance with your shadow to walk evenly.

I believe in radical hospitality. Welcoming is an invitation to transformation -for everyone involved.

I believe in silence. Sometimes words just aren't enough.

Julianne in whitewater raft on the Ocoee river, 1999